Davis Maphosa

Davis Maphosa is a Zimbabwean born artist and owner of Soul of Art Shop, developed a passion for art from a very tender age. What started off as a hobby and natural talent later developed into a serious pursuit of excellence in painting with watercolours, acrylic paint, ink and pastels.

Davis has hosted several successful exhibitions both locally and internationally in which he has showcased a diverse array of paintings that are inspired by his passion for the celebration of life.

He captures the human race at leisure, working to earn a living, traditional celebrations and more. His latest exhibition is inspired by the beautiful Namibian architecture.  In his words: ‘I cannot resist the beauty of Namibian buildings, the rich historical artistry in them, the red rusted roofs, the arched doorways and windows.’ He also has great passion for birds, which he captures beautifully in watercolour. The uniqueness of his works lies in the simplicity of style and his mastery in applying challenging watercolours to bring out the character of his subjects.
Davis is also available to give Art instruction classes, special commissions for portraits, buildings and any special occasion.
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